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Aeroplane Pressurizer N300 (reusable)


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The N300 is an essential product for travellers with sensitive eardrums.

Atmospheric pressure is measured in bars. The term currently used is the subdivision "millibar" (mb), also known as the hectopascal (hPa).

At sea level, atmospheric pressure is +/- 1 bar (= 1000 hPa). This decreases by 1 hPa with every 8.53 metres of altitude. It increases by 1 bar every 10 metres when diving under water. The eardrum is the membrane that transmits air vibrations to the ossicles of the middle ear. It is flexible and sensitive to external pressure. A decrease in pressure may not necessarily cause discomfort, but an increase in pressure can cause acute and sometimes very severe pain.

At high altitude:

In spite of pressurization, air passengers experience a significant decrease in pressure at high altitudes (- 230 to -290 hPa, or the equivalent of a decrease in pressure of between 2000 and 2500 metres). The sudden increase in this pressure during landing causes eardrum deformation and can lead to temporary minor or major hearing loss. The same problem arises when flying an ultra-light plane or when skiing or mountaineering, even though in most cases the ear adapts because the speed of descent is relatively slow.

After diving:

After diving for more than a few minutes at a depth of several metres, the eardrums may return to their initial shape. This causes severe pain and a feeling of deafness.

The N300 solution:
Natural remedies (swallowing saliva, chewing gum) are not effective for everybody. Pinching the nose and blowing can cause harm and may even be harmful with a cold, sinusitis or after a dive. Furthermore, children do not usually know how to decompress in this way. At the first sign of the symptoms, place the end piece of the N300 in the ear, press and release the button, then swallow the saliva. The N300 produces slight, controlled negative pressure, which instantly offsets the effects of external pressure by returning the eardrum to its original shape, cancelling both the pain and the feeling of deafness.

For children aged less than 3 years, the procedure should be carried out by an adult.

The detachable end pieces can be cleaned regularly.


The N300 is supplied with three end pieces of various sizes (small, medium, large).

The end pieces can be cleaned with a mild cleaning product.

Use the N300 until the internal pressure of the middle ear is balanced, about 2 to 3 times.

Can be used at anytime from the onset of a pressure problem.

The product is not disposable and can be used indefinitely.

Can be used successively in both ears.

Unlike other techniques, the N300 has no side effects.

 For air travel, the earpiece must be inserted before takeoff. This saves time and allows for quicker action.

 Weight: 80 g



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Aeroplane Pressurizer N300 (reusable)

Aeroplane Pressurizer N300 (reusable)

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