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  • Adult Protection

    Two comparable ranges of performance: Insect Ecran, based on DEET (a molecule long used by the army in tropical areas), MoustiCare (based on purified, organic Citrodiol, for use by all without restriction)

    Insect Ecran Spécial Tropiques

  • Protection for children

    MoustiCare range (based on purified organic Citrodiol, for use in infants from age 6 months), impregnated mosquito nets for the protection of baby beds and prams).

  • Collective Protection

    Indoor use: Habitat Spray for curtains and textiles; outdoor use: spirals and concentrated liquid for the destruction of mosquito larvae.

  • Bite and sting relief

    Soothing creams or organic oils. For use as soon as a bite is felt. Mini electrical wave, which reduces or inhibits histamine.

  • Impregnated mosquito nets

    As soon as a mosquito or any other arthropod touches the fabric, it is destroyed within a few seconds. Quick tying system with neodymium magnets holding a load of 5kg.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 19 items