INSECT ECRAN ZONES INFESTÉES 100 ml (best value for money) View larger

INSECT ECRAN ZONES INFESTÉES 100 ml (best value for money)


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The benchmark in adult skin repellents, containing 50% DEET.

Guaranteed 8-hour protection against:
- Mosquitoes: Anopheles (malaria), Aedes (yellow fever, dengue, Chikungunya), Culex (Japanese encephalitis, West Nile, lymphatic filariasis)
- Tsetse fly (sleeping sickness), simuliums (onchocerciasis), phlebotominae (leishmaniasis), ticks (Lyme disease, tick-borne encephalitis), bugs (Chagas disease), and also: Culex pipiens, berry bugs, fleas which can spoil your holidays.

Insect Ecran Zones Infestées is a powerful repellent for areas infected by insects: forests, lakesides, rivers, marshes. Immediate efficacy against all species of mosquitoes, including the tiger mosquito, it is also effective against ticks, berry bugs and flies.

Can be used from age 2 years, is suitable for pregnant women and is compliant with the recommendations of the health authorities.

Shake well before use.
Spray in the palm of the hand then spread on the areas in need of protection.
Repeat if necessary every 8 hours without exceeding two applications per day.

Allow one bottle for 20 days based on two applications per day.

Use together with Insect Écran spray vetements or lnsect Écran Concentré Trempage Tissus.

100 ml spray without gas which may be carried in hold luggage.

Use biocides with care. Read the label and product information before use.

Packaging: 100ml spray (provides 20 days’ protection for exposed body parts). Use of the clothing protection product (Insect Ecran Vetements Spray or soaking solution) is strongly recommended to guarantee comprehensive protection against insect bites through garments or to prevent ticks, fleas or bugs attaching themselves).
Advantages: WHO-recommended anti-mosquito protection and best value for money on the market per ml of product.

Spray 100 ml, (Weight: 120 g)

CE / Organisateur de voyage : transmettez votre cahier des charges sur pour l'achat de produits en volume.


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INSECT ECRAN ZONES INFESTÉES 100 ml (best value for money)

INSECT ECRAN ZONES INFESTÉES 100 ml (best value for money)

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