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Spray Insect Ecran Tropiques (75 ml)


Insect Ecran Spécial Tropiques is formulated with Icaridin, an active ingredient of recognized effectiveness against all species of mosquitoes (anopheles, aedes, culex), which can be vectors for serious diseases. It is even more effective against anopheles, and is therefore recommended by the WHO for protection against malaria.


Insect Ecran Spécial Tropiques follows the recommendations of health authorities and experts in parasitology. The formula has been specially designed for adults and children aged more than 24 months. Due to a lack of real world experience over time, we do not recommend Insect Ecran Spécial Tropiques for pregnant women and children aged less than 24 months. For pregnant women and children aged between 6 and 24 months, we recommend Insect Ecran Zones infestées. As 40% of mosquito bites occur through clothing, we recommend the use of a product that impregnates clothing in association with Insect Ecran Spécial Tropiques: Insect Ecran Vetement.


Spray in the palm of the hand and spread over all bare skin.

Insect Ecran Spécial Tropiques also repels flies, ticks and phlebotominae effectively, as well as midges and fleas.

It is effective for up to 8 hours


Some insects bite in the evening and at night (such as the anopheles or culex mosquitoes), wile others bite during the day (such as the aedes mosquito or ticks). In some regions, protection throughout the day is therefore required.

If you need to use both a sun cream and an insect repellent, apply the sun cream first and then spray on the skin repellent 15 minutes later. Never use a combined repellent and sun cream product as they have limited efficacy.

Types of biting insects: Mosquitoes (Culex, Aedes, Anophele), ticks, flies, phlebotominae, fleas.

Transmitted diseases: Malaria, dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, West Nile fever, leishmaniasis, Lyme borreliosis, tick-borne encephalitis.

Spray 75 ml, (Weight: 90 g)

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Insect Ecran Tropiques

Insect Ecran Tropiques

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