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Impregnation of garments: neutralisation of insects by simple contact: PERMETHRIN at 4% (can be used in children from age 2 years) (does not contain any gas).

Active ingredient: Permethrin is the leader among Pyrethroids: a repellent with a strong KD (knock-down) effect on arthropods coming into contact with impregnated fabrics: neutralisation by contact.

Protection against:

- Anophele mosquitoes (malaria), Aedes (yellow fever, dengue, Chikungunya), Culex (Japanese encephalitis, West Nile, lymphatic filariasis)

- Tsetse fly (sleeping sickness), black flies (onchocerciasis), phlebotominae (leishmaniasis), ticks (Lyme disease, tick-borne encephalitis), bugs (Chagas disease), and also Culex pipiens, berry bugs, fleas which can spoil your holidays.

Effective for 2 months and withstands 5 washes at 40°C (100°F). Iron without steam to avoid breaking up the permethrin crystals in which the arthropods embed their legs.

Packaging: 100 ml spray (treats approximately 3 long-sleeved shirts and one pair of trousers).


Pyrethroids, and permethrin in particular, have been selected by the WHO, the Ministry of Health, armies, specialised agencies, the UN and humanitarian NGOs.

Advantages of Insect Ecran Spray: indisputably, the key benchmark product for universal anti-vector protection.


Instructions for use:

Hang the garments on clothes hangers; shake the bottle and spray 20cm away from the front of the garment, with the following number of sprays:

- 15 per leg, up to the belt;

- 20 per shirt body;

- 10 per shirtsleeve, held horizontally.

Repeat at the back of each garment.

Spray the remainder of the bottle on socks, hats, etc. Once dry, the garments are odourless.


Spray 100 ml, (Weight: 150 g)

CE / Organisateur de voyage : transmettez votre cahier des charges sur pour l'achat de produits en volume.


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Insect écran vetements

Insect écran vetements

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